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Tree Transplanting

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Tree Transplanting (Tree Moving)

By transplanting, the trees are given the best possible start to enable them to establish and thrive. It avoids the necessity to constantly prune or remove trees before they reach maturity.

  • Our arborist team will dig and move trees with balls of soil adhering to portions of their root systems to minimize damage and improve their chance of survival. For safety issue, before the tree transplant can take place, we will evaluate the transplanting project to make sure that it is successful and the plants are up to the task.

Do you need any assistance on tree transplanting or tree planting in general, at BSG Services Pte Ltd – your tree moving company, we have a team of experienced tree transplanting experts that is more than qualified to help you solve any tree transplanting issues. Call us today and we will be more than willing to assist you.

Tree Planting

The process of introducing and establishing a new tree in a designated location. Typically involves planting saplings or young trees to enhance landscaping, improve aesthetics, or contribute to environmental initiatives.