Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Contractor Singapore

Regular expert pruning works help the tree to maintain a healthy shape and form. Our certified and skilled arborists have years of experience caring for trees of various species and sizes. We provide expert advice on all aspects of tree maintenance including tree pruning, removing deadwood and crown reduction.

Worker tree pruning
Tree maintenance works

The Benefits of Tree Pruning

Healthy trees are a great benefit to everyone, brining beauty, scale and shade to the community. However, they can become overgrown if not maintained on a regular basis. This can lead to hazards such as falling debris during storms or branches protruding into private homes and telecommunication lines.

Tree pruning works helps to remove old and damage parts of trees, allowing them to grow without risk of infections. Furthermore, it allows you to shape your trees and maintain a beautiful landscape.

Our Tree Pruning Process

  1. Our team will perform an environment and safety analysis to identify criteria for the job as well as potential safety hazards.
  2. Look for signs of declining tree health or damage
  3. Lead operator will ascend the tree and use our professional tools to begin clipping excess sticks and leaves
  4. Over weighted branches are pruned while canopy is shaped accordingly
  5. The team will remove all green waste from the site

Our Projects

tree pruning landscape
tree pruning project
tree pruning commercial area