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Why Hire A Tree Felling Contractor

Tree felling involves the cutting down of a tree in order to prevent the spread of a disease and thus improving the overall safety of the area. Alternatively, a tree may be simply unsuitable for its current environment. For example, its roots may be threatening to impact a nearby building’s foundation or pipes.

For private homes with trees, it is possible that due to neighbor disputes or when the owner vacates the house, the resident tree will have to be felled.

Felling a tree is not a simple procedure that you should ever attempt without prior experience and professional tools. Our team of technicians are trained to safely fell a tree, causing minimal harm to the surrounding area and ensuring the safety of any passerby in the area.

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tree felling

Tree Cutting Service For Safety

It is important to stress the threat that a dead or diseased tree can pose to the environment. When combining the factors of large quantities of dead wood together with reduced stability, a tree could be toppled over by strong winds. In Singapore, this is not a rare sight as you would have from time to time witness fallen trees on the side of a road after a storm.

A tree’s disease can quickly spread to other types of trees which are in the vicinity. As such, without swift action being taken, the infection could cover a large area, causing a major safety concern to everyone in the vicinity.

In the event that the tree cannot be treated, precision tree felling would be the only option to contain the disease.